Hanging out – 6

All right you hooligans!  Here is another place for you to hang out.  I’m hoping CJ will send me a video to share with you.  If she allows it, I’ll post it here for you.  For now….simply hang around and chill.





632 thoughts on “Hanging out – 6

  1. Such a quiet blog… and I even made all these delicious snickerdoodle cookies to share 🍪🍪 (I know it looks like chocolate chip, use your imagination.) Guess I’ll just have to eat them all by myself… 😢

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    1. Wait please Mishi snickerdoodlrs are my most FAVORITE!!! May I please?

      CJ pushes LT a little further away from the plate. “Sorry LT but me Cookie Monster when snickerdoodles are near!” 😂😂😂

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        1. Aw, is your back not doing any better? Is this still a result of the tv dropping on it or did you do something else to it too?

          And.. ah.. a comeuppance visit does seem like it would do the trick 😉 How much longer do you have to survive in this world of behooving?

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          1. 24-36 hours. 😉

            Back originally from moving boxes. Then some people have decided that jumping from the cliff did not help it at all. Hmmmpppffftt Doctor said get exercise then he takes exception to my choice of recreation. Hmmm go figure.

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            1. Doctors just live to confuse us. It’s their primary goal in life, to help people get better but leave them more confused.

              And oh, that’s soon. I see why you’re behooving 😉 Have fun and give her a hug from me.

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  2. Hmmm LT going to be in and out tonight? The blog page is flat so if we brought cats into the blog all things movable will be pushed off… It’s what cats do… 🐈🐈🐈🐾🐾🐾

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    1. 🤔I’ve been having sober second thought about this. SWMBO was kinda ticked at having her cup of coffee altered just a smidgeon. It’s probably better to leave puppy off limits. In my defence however, I was not suggesting we take puppy anywhere dangerous like a dog park, or pet salon or even a pet store. Puppies can be mischievous, and I figured if the door to that notorious implement armoire was left slightly ajar, puppy would enjoy gnawing on any leather or bits of sticks inside, leaving Micah’s shoes unnibbled. Win Win. 😝


      1. Jay Kay word to the wise bud, if ya think SWMBO got a bit peeved about her creamer, you haven’t seen anything until you touch her implements 😳

        Although she does have a soft spot for puppies. She would pick up the pup and coo at it. Then she would look for the owner and want to “discuss” things. 😉🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️


          1. Exactly!!! I mean I am going as slow as a Grandma on the highway now!!! 👵🏼👵🏼👵🏼🚙putt putt My poor vehicle is dying of boredom!! It cries going down the road now.

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                1. ROFLMAO I was wondering if you were going to see that. 😂😂😂

                  CJ pulled out her paint ball sling shot from her back pocket. Loaded it and found her target. Pulled back and swoosh the paint ball found its mark right on LT’s pert bum! SPLAT neon pink target was hit!!

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                  1. Feeling the splat LT looked back at CJ.

                    “This means war, bratboss.”

                    LT pulled out a special bottle from her pocket and opened and started running. As soon as she got close to the surprised CJ she slowed just enough to dump an entire container of fine sliver glitter all over her face and hair and just kept running….

                    Turning to look back over her shoulder she saw the glitter all over CJ’s hair, face, shoulder and back….

                    It was quiet a sight….

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                    1. CJ was sputtering out glitter… oh no she didn’t!!

                      CJ went into the restroom and cleaned off the glitter. Shaking her head LT’s tom foolery. If she thought a little paint ball was war… well she would know what war really meant!!

                      CJ slipped into the handicap stall and removed the panel in the wall and pulled out the largest super soaker ever! She grappled the green coloring and proceeded to fill the gun up with water and coloring.

                      She walked out of the restroom thinking she would have to search for LT. But LT was too busy laughing and telling Mishi about the glitter CJ took aim and in a quick 5 seconds the gun was emptied on to LT. She was one big lime green—reminded CJ of the big green giant. 😂😂😂

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                    2. LT sighed and tryed to contain her laughter. CJ, CJ, Cj…..

                      Changing clothes in the bathroom and frowning at the greenish tent of her skin, Logan knew what she going to do.


                    3. LT wandered out the back door and into the parking lot still slightly damp from the water gun. That CJ was something else.

                      Going to her car LT located the car jack and lug wrench. Then she located CJ’s car and quickly jacked up rear of the car, quickly removing the back drivers tire. Replacing the jack with a convenient cinder block LT repeated the process with the rest of the tires leaving the car resting only on blocks.

                      LT then rolled all of the tires to the front of CJ’s car in a nice neat little pile in front of her car.

                      The thing she wasn’t going to leave CJ though was the lug nuts. Good luck going anywhere. 😉

                      LT put the jack and wrench back into her car with the nuts and wandered back inside…

                      Maybe she’d ask CJ if she had something in her car so she could “discover” her surprise.

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  3. CJ was geeked to be in her Danika racing suit. She was so ready to win this race!!

    She knew she would be up against some real competition in Mishi, LT and Jaykay plus PakPak if they joined!

    CJ picked out her racing machine and slipped into the seat. Belting herself in waiting for the others and for the green light!

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  4. Wearing a Yoshi hoodie she’d purchased just for this occasion, Mishi headed out onto the track and picked the green kart to slide into. She’d only been go-kart racing once before, and that was indoors. And they hadn’t been too happy about how fast she was trying to go.

    She was ready to fly down that road. After all, she had plenty of practice with Mario Kart Wii and that ridiculous wheel. (And she only flew off the track on the game 5 times out of 10). It couldn’t be that different.

    This would be fun!

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  5. CJ grinned at LT your on young’in! Come on Mishi we have some lessons to teach!!

    All 3 ladies had their go karts at the starting line and were watching the count down to the green light 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1… Go!!!

    They were off…

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  6. Yougin huh? Logan stuck her tongue out at the other woman.

    Lessons to teach…

    As soon as the light turned green LT floored the go kart. And the were off! All close as they rounded the first turn of the track. . .

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  7. Was LT nuts, Mishi wondered. But before she had to time to ponder the matter any further – or whether CJ was also nuts for agreeing – the countdown had started and Mishi focused her full attention on the race about to start… ready… set… Go!!!

    Mishi hit the gas pedal a split second after the light changed to green. She ended up just behind the other two but she didn’t mind that… she had a plan.

    With the wind zipping by her, Mishi grinned as she steered her cart… Times like these she understood why some people had a need for speed…

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  8. CJ was off like a shot she was neck and neck with LT. Mishi was right on their tails.

    They were headed into the first turn she decided to get a feel of the cart so she shifted up and drifted through the turn. As the turn finished she shifted into the next gear and punched the gas!

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  9. As they flew around the turn, Mishi surged forward briefly to take the lead until CJ suddenly shot past again, hightailing it down the track. All right then, Mishi took that as her cue to step on the gas as well. Her heart began to race a little faster as her kart picked up speed, and she grinned. Caught up in the moment, she turned her wheel from side to side, weaving across the track, just because she could and she wanted to see what it felt like. 😊

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  10. The three zoomed along the track, narrowly missing each other once or twice as they rounded the turns, each trying to take the lead and keep it. Well, CJ and LT at least, were fighting for the lead. Mishi was content to zip along with them, enjoying the ride and having a grand ol’ time. Yet, as they careened around the final turn and the finish line lay straight ahead, Mishi found herself slamming down on the gas too. She wanted to finish this race in style!

    Neck-and-neck the three karts hurtled along, going so fast the wheels seemed to barely touch the ground. First CJ pulled ahead, then Mishi, and then LT, and then CJ again, and back and forth they went until – flash! They were past the finish line!

    Slowing down, all three turned their heads to gaze at the electronic scoreboard, awaiting the results with bated breath… and then they came: A 3-Way Photo Finish. CJ and LT both shook their heads at each other, and Mishi laughed. “So either you guys both give each a cane stroke or no one gets one, and instead we go grab some frozen nipples at Lou’s, what do you say?” She didn’t really give them much of a chance to disagree though, as she really wanted to get to Lou’s and enjoy a nice, cold treat on this hot summer day. Judging from CJ’s and LT’s willingnes to go along, they did too.

    ///If you put me in charge of finishing up a race, don’t be surprised when everyone ends up winners! 😊😉

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    1. I know what you mean CJ… the time zones are beginning to roll into one alternate time line to be honest 😜
      I’m good thanks just waiting for it to stop raining… again… so I can wash my car! Yeh I know…. but I’m a Brit 🤣🤣🤣
      What are you up to this weekend, anything good ?

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  11. Well it is another sunny day here. One thing I really like about South Carolina more sun than most places.

    My wife and I are going to visit a friend you know, later today. 😉 This friend seems to believe that a discussion is in order. 😳

    We also are getting ready for the eclipse on Monday. We have our glasses and a party is set up. We should have a great sighting.

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    1. Right now I’d give anything for a couple of sunny days. So much for our British summer 🤣

      Sounds like there may not be an awful lot of actual talking going on as such there CJ. Aww hang on in there bud 😳

      Are you in a good place that see the eclipse where you you are? You taking photos? That would be awesome !! Enjoy the party though…..

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  12. Yes the eclipse is going right over us. Many businesses are stopping and letting people go and watch it. We all have our glasses! We should have anywhere from 1.5-2 minutes of total eclipse here.

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    1. From the starts to maximum gonna take 30mins and last for 2mins 36secs after reach the maximum! Yes, I memorized all the numbers. I’m gonna travel to SC cause we only have partial eclipse here. Have fun! Next time gonna be 2078.


        1. Don’t call yourself an eejit Els.

          Also, Morning and Afternoon everyone 🙂 Hope you all have/are having a great day! Good luck to you CJ. (I’m serious about that hug, btw, and you can tell her to give you one from me in return 😉)
          I need to look to see if we’re getting any eclipse here… hope you enjoy your two minutes of darkness and enjoy the party!


          1. Thank you!!! I will forget in a couple of minutes just like I have forgotten where EVERYONE on here comes from, but you gave me the push to take up the US chart and study it for a while! It’s always so fun when I do that, the things I re-discover! 😀

            Too bad my brain and geography (or maths) disagree on a constant basis >.>

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      1. Hi Ellie, I’m good thanks! Im on a date actually I was so nervous I downed a bottle of wine before! 😂😂 Me good..😂 that’s a joke! How r u hun? Have you had a good day?


  13. Hey everybody! I thought I would let you know that I am having an eclipse party for my smallish students on Monday. We’re having Sunny D (fake orange juice), Sun Chips, and Moon Pies. It will be too cloudy to watch in our location so we’ll watch NASA live stream it. Got any other ideas for easy eclipse snacks?

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    1. Oh, that sounds like a great party! I wish I could come 😉

      I’m having a hard time thinking up eclipse snacks… right now all that’s coming to mind is dark chocolate which is rather lame and then Milky Ways, which aren’t exactly eclipse related but the galaxy is sort of related? Maybe? 😛 The only other thing I can think of is cookies that are shaped like the sun/moon because who doesn’t love cookies 😉

      Have fun with your party! Hope your smallish students enjoy it. 🙂


            1. Sounds like a great idea to me 😄 Oh, right, I forgot about the moon being made of cheese. Now though I am just picturing the sun as a cracker and the moon (cheese) covering it… maybe I should buy some ritz crackers and some circle shaped cheese. 😂 Think I’m gonna go make a grocery list for monday morning anyway. Sunny D and crescent rolls on top!


                    1. I don’t drink that much really- unless someone is offering lol. Somebody brought a bottle 1 Thanksgiving. I laughed at 1st cuz of the Andy Griffith show.lol


    1. Thanks and you’re welcome, Tigger! I thought you might be concerned about the students sugar rushes so I didn’t mention starbursts and mars bars; but hope you have a blast!


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