Hanging out – 6

All right you hooligans!  Here is another place for you to hang out.  I’m hoping CJ will send me a video to share with you.  If she allows it, I’ll post it here for you.  For now….simply hang around and chill.





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    1. Lol… probably more than that, to be honest. It’s not entirely my fault! I’ve been uploading new images to have on stand-by as possible gravatars… just in case. 😛 I did change to a puppy this morning, then I realized I’d rather be a fox, and now I’m just uploading different foxes for me to choose from. The sweet sleeping fox, one that’s sticking its tongue out, and now one that’s peering at you curiously 😉

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                    1. Yes, I found the energy needed to click onto my gravatar profile and then click a few more times 😜 It was very difficult. You have no idea… also can I just ask what YOUR gravatar is? I’ve never been fully sure.


                    2. Well it’s like an abstract elephant, what did you expect? 😝
                      Also, I can see the elephant now! That’s neat 😁 but don’t change… I’ll forget who you are.


                    3. Wow, sticking your tongue out at me right after you said you’d hate for me to forget you? Well, fine, I see how it is. Time to go bang my head against some bricks until I develop amnesia. Then we’ll see how you like it!


    1. Recipe for fun:

      1 Blog
      Brats (as many as you want)
      Tops (as many as you want, but preferably fewer than the brats)

      Step 1: Add Tops to Blog. Let sit for long enough for Tops to fall asleep or go somewhere else.
      Step 2: Add in Brats.
      Step 3: Simmer until trouble erupts, stirring occasionally.

      Hmm… it’s been simmering for a while 😉

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  1. That’s the problem RL has me slammed until 9pm tonight. I am only on now because I am waiting for the doctor. 🙄

    I know you and Mishi can give this blog some spark. It was sooooo lonely earlier! 😂😂😂

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  2. Just my regular 6 month checkup. When you get as old as me you see doctors all the time!

    Mishi do you know that pain doc put it in my record that I jumped off a cliff!!! The new doctor is now calling me cliff jumper. 😂😂😂

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    1. Ya know, cj, that might be 1 of the few times a doc put something you may appreciate in your records. It could prevent anyone from taking your age at face value and forgetting that age is just a number and admire you for your exuberance lol.
      My records are full of stuff I’d rather not have read.. like Elaine on Seinfeld lol, so when I moved to another state, I didn’t bring them. Clean slate. Find out yourself lol. *grin*

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  3. Nice shooting PakPak!! 😉

    Hello Ladies! Seems to be unusually quiet on the blog theses past few days. I believe it is time for some excitement now that we have lulled certain people into a state of orderliness!

    Maybe today we honor our most prestigious emoji of all “😝”!

    For example:

    May all of you have a most wonderful day!


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    1. Hmmm……..its Thursday night…..almost but not quite the start to the weekend…….its way toooooooooooooooooo quiet…………where is everyone……………I’ve been thinking 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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  4. While rules vary from event to event, the typical demolition derby event consists of five or more drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another. The last driver whose vehicle is still operational is awarded the victory. … Demolition derbies can be dangerous.

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  5. CJ was busy working on her car. She built this baby from the frame on up. The engine was purring. She had plenty of torque to push other cars out of her way.

    But her favorite part was the name which was painted in bold letters on both sides. SNICKERS BAR COFFEE CATASTROPHE in honor of Micah. Shoot sometimes the accelerator pedal stuck just like Micah’s laptop space bar! 😉

    As CJ was finishing up a few tweaks to her engine in walked the rest of the drivers. Better known as the Top Club Katie, Jeri, Mandy and TJ.

    Katie snickered “CJ does Micah know you named your demolition car after her favorite beverage?”

    CJ grinned “Nope! Thought I would surprise her with that little bit of information.”

    The Toppy ladies all chuckled and shook their heads. TJ announced in her southern drawl “CJ ya sure you want to surprise Micah?”

    “Sure TJ, Micah has a great sense of humor! So you ladies ready to lose tonight?”

    All the ladies turned and gave her the look! Jeri snarled “You willing to put your money where your mouth is?”

    CJ didn’t even blink “Jeri I not only will but my money there but I’ll put my ass on the line!”

    In unison all the Tops said “Your on $100 bucks and 25 swats from each of us!”

    CJ smirked “Your on ladies I will enjoy whooping all your butts on the track and later over my car!”

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        1. Aw. If I wasn’t already half-asleep, I’d try to play with you. But I just spent the last of my ability to think straight trying to get some writing done and there’s only one thing I’m good for now… 😴

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  6. The ladies were all out on the track. Katie was out in her Deputy Delight bright green machine. Jeri was sitting pretty in her Wonder Woman Wagon. Mandy was jamming it up for the crowd in her muscle machine with Rosie the Riveter on the hood. Last but not least was TJ a huge purple monster mercury reving the engine.

    The announcer finished all the introductions. The ladies checked their helmets one more time and the green light was on.

    CJ took off looking for her first victim as she headed towards Mandy she saw Katie to her left and Jeri to her right heading right for her. She paused slightly and both women hit the gas. At the last second she hit the accelerator and Snickers took off causing bothe Jeri and Katie to hit each other head on. The lunge also surprised Mandy and CJ was able to hit her dead on in the passenger side.

    As CJ backed out she saw TJ heading her way. She stayed in reverse and gunned it right into the front of TJ.

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  7. CJ jammed it back into first gear and took off forward ripping off TJ’s bumper. She looked around the track and saw Katie and Jeri backing away from each other. Mandy seemed to have a right front wheel wobbling. She decided to go after that so she could eliminate one of them.

    Speeding up and shifting smoothly into her next gear she headed straight for Mandy. Mandy saw her coming and turned to protect her wheel. CJ quickly adjusted her angle hit the next gear and slammed right into Mandy’s tire which flew away from the car and bounced down the track.

    Mandy was hopping mad when she crawled out of her car and over to the pit area.

    CJ grinned to herself, one down 3 to go. As she looked around the track she saw all 3 cars heading towards her from different directions. They stopped clear of her waiting to see what she would do.

    In an instant CJ began to circle in the track stirring up the dirt track. Dust flying everywhere. TJ was the first to lunge forward. CJ was able to maneuver past her on the right side. At the last minute she turned into her right rear end. She had been able to gain enough speed that it rocked TJs mercury.

    Jeri had moved in to hit CJ but with that last turn Jeri missed and hit TJ instead rocking the mercury even more. Unfortunately for TJ she accelerated right into Katie’s path and soon TJ was hanging upside down in her car. She was cussing up a storm as she unhooked her seatbelt and crawled out the window. She joined Mandy on the sidelines.

    CJ felt great satisfaction watching TJ limp over to the sidelines. But she had two more Tops to dispense off the track.

    Two Tops that were intent on teaming up in her. They were on opposite sides of her again. She put it in reverse and waited for them to make their move. The wait was short with full acceleration the two of them came at her heading to the front of her car. Expecting her to lunge forward. Waiting until they were two feet away CJ hit the accelerator and reversed with gusto. Jeri and Katie collided with a big crash ripping both bumpers off as they flew in the air.

    Not wasting anytime CJ flipped back into first gear and headed for Jeri’s car she rammed it in the rear pushing it further into Katie’s car. Soon there was steam coming out from under Katie’s hood. Her radiator was toast!!

    CJ only had seconds before Jeri would try to remove herself from Katies car. So CJ backed up getting enough room so she could gain enough speed and torque to hit Jeri further into Katie. The execution was nearly perfect and soon Jeris front end was in the air over Katie’s car.

    The crowd was cheering as CJ took her winners lap around the track. She was thinking that this was fun but picturing all four Tops bent over the hood of her car was going to be priceless. 😉

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  8. Ok okay…

    After collecting her trophy and winnings CJ drove her car back to the garage to load it up on to her trailer. All 4 Tops were standing there arms crossed giving her “the look”. A normal brat would have put her car in reverse and headed home.

    But CJ just grinned and came to a nice steady stop in front of the Top Club. She slid out of the car and removed placed her helmet on the seat. “Hi Ladies! Great Derby dontcha think?”

    Katie was the first to speak “Hmmm CJ you know the ladies and I have been talking. We know if there were any rules to how your car was fortified you would break them!”

    CJ’s grin broadened “Well Katie I guess it’s a good thing there are NO rules when it comes to Demolition Derbies! Now are you Ladies ready to pay up your debts?”

    With a lot of muttering they handed over $100. Then in unison they walked over to the hood of the car and bent over.

    “TskTsk ladies you all know you won’t feel a thing over those clothes. You need to drop your pants!”

    Jeri stood and turned staring into CJ’s eyes her face made of stone “CJ you’re enjoying this way too much! But ladies she is correct drop’em.”

    All of the ladies pushed their pants down to their knees. The selection of knickers that each wore represented their personalities. Katie had puppy dogs on boy shorts, TJ had camo briefs, Mandy had neon green and Jeri had a pair of lips spread across her left cheek!

    “Mighty fine collection of panties ladies nottoo mention rear ends!!” CJ knew the patience of these Tops would wane soon so she opened the back door of her truck and pulled out Micah’s wooden paddle. CJ had ‘borrowed’ it last weekend for polishing. She never thought she would’ve polishing it over such wonderful bottoms.

    Katie looked over to see what CJ had in her hand “CJ isn’t that Micah’s? Does she know you have it?”

    “Katie with all do respect, eyes forward!”

    Katie smiled withevil intent “I will take that asa No!”

    CJ started with Katie first. She walked up to her side and patted her bum with the paddle then pulled it back and swung through. The paddle connected right on the meat of her cheeks and CJ heard a grunt which was oh so gratifying.

    CJ continued this with each Top going from one to the other 24 times each. On the last round she began to lecture loud enough for each Top to hear over the Swats and Grunts!!!

    “Ladies I suggest you never try to play a Brats game again! We Brats have spent many years learning our trade. Polishing our skills to a very fine point! But thank you for playing my game tonight!”

    As the last paddle it Mandy’rear the garage door opened. The ladies jumped up and pulled their pants over their sore bums. “Hissing” and turning around in unison!

    One person walked in and closed the door. She looked around andwitha keen eye picked up on what had just transpired.
    “Ladies tell me you didn’t make a side bet with CJ about winning this race?!”

    They all nodded. This very stern woman turned her attention on CJ next “CJ did I or did I not ban you from the derby for 3 years last year?!”

    CJ didn’t waver “Yes and No Micah see it was 3 years ago.”

    Micah smiled “yep your right, just checking to see if I can still get ya worried after enjoying seating all these Tops!”

    “Well ladies have a great night. Fantastic driving CJ” Micah turned to leave. She opened the door and turned once again “Oh and CJ that paddle of mine better make it back to my house with you, let’s say about 9am tomorrow?” And she left.

    All the Tops started laughing as CJ muttered something under her breath on the way back to her truck. “Tops! Ya can never win!”

    //The end!”//

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      1. Hey Jojo— actually no I fell asleep last night without a clue as to how I would finish that mini story. LOL I only knew one thing when I started it this morning— Micah needed an opening to kill me. LOL She gets all twitchy if a Brat gets one over on a Top let alone four!! 😉

        But it was fun even if they are my own imaginary Tops! 🙂

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        1. AWSOME CJ, cracking work on getting one up on those Tops Love LOVE LOVE the ending…. as for Micah I think that was very honourable of you to think of her and her twitchiness …. so she should take that into account when she comes to errrrr….’Kill you’ *giggles* 😀 (not sure she’ll see it that way though)

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        2. You did such a fab job….I loved it. Only the Brat Boss would have the audacity to wallop 4 Tops😁

          Btw….what is it with the gravatar? I’m having nightmares…..where’s the cheeky little devil gone 😣

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              1. Indeed… very very frightening. At first I thought it was some kind of demonic face with glowing eyes until I enlarged it to see the bigger preview 😛 I still see the demonic face sometimes…


            1. Well……..Ive always wanted to go roller blading……down that big hill……in San Francisco……the one which looks over the bay? You can cadge a ride on the back of a tram …..not sure what you call it…..but anyway….once at the Top of the hill……..wooosh……..

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                  1. Jumping out of the bright yellow taxi, Jojo looked in awe up the most steepest of steepest roads in San Francisco. She had dreamt about this moment and now it was going to happen.

                    The road was at an almost 90 degree angle, it was going to be a real adrenaline rush…and by goodness she needed one.

                    Looking around she wondered where the rest of the gang were. Oh well, she could always send them the photos to put up on the blog.

                    Dumping her rucksack down on the sidewalk, she soon swapped her sneakers/tennis shoes/trainers for her roller blades. Now these were state of the arts blades. The most whizziest of whizzy blades, designed to give the rider the a thrill of a lifetime. Oh god…..she couldn’t wait….all she needed was a tram….


        1. *rummaging through the boxes in the garage…… “where the feck did they get ta….ohh theres a green one! Where ‘s the other one……ack fer feck sake! It’s all chewed up! Ooohh, not ta worry! There’s red one!…….All set!!! Wait fer me girls! I’m coming! C’mon Gracie! Lets Go!!!

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    1. Jojo was quite happy to wait for the rest of the gang, it wouldn’t be any fun to race by herself. Finding a nearby bar, she plonked herself down at a table and ordered a Sidewalk…..because after all she was sitting on the sidewalk 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸

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  9. Spotting Jojo jumping out of the cab, EM jumped up and down, waving frantically!! “Hey Jojo!! Over here!” She ran across the road waving in and out of the traffic, studiously ignoring the car horns and furious glares. Reaching her friend, she grinned and looked down the VERY steep hill Jojo had chosen.
    “Awesome location Jojo!”
    Plonking down, she quickly changed her trainers for one green and one red roller blade. Grinning at Jojo looking at the very obviously “not a pair” rollerblades, EM shrugged, “Dont look at me! It was either the work of the dog or the wee donkey! 😂

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    1. Jojo shook her head in disbelief at EM’s footwear! Thank God the wee donkey had been left in Ireland to munch on lucky clover. It was all very well that it ate implements of torture to a brats backside, but really……eating equipment which was necessary for fun…..well that was another matter,

      “We’re just waiting for a couple of other to turn up EM…..CJ’s Speedi……i mean getting home as safely as she can and Gracie will be along at some time. “

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      1. “Great Jojo ! No worries! So ya like my fancy footwear, huh? 😆
        EM plonked herself down beside Jojo. “Might as well have sumthin ta drink while we’re waitin. Whatcha having Jojo?”
        EM looked around for someone to take their order……


          1. EM clicked her fingers!! Yes! Thhe very thing Jojo. Verrryyy appropriate! She quickly odered their drinks and settled in to wait for the others.
            “I CANNOT wait ta hitch a ride on the back of a tram and head down thon hill!”
            EM was bouncing with excitement!!


  10. “IM HERE” an over exuberant Gracie shouted and waved over the crowds in front of her as she spotted Jojo and EM sitting down for a nice refreshing drink.

    Having skated MILES, after giving up on the taxi who insisted on waiting at every blasted traffic light and following every road speed sign to get here Gracie was indeed in need of a cool beverage and an alcoholic one at that.

    “ladies ill take one of what ever that is please” 🙂

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    1. Jojo passed Gracie a glass of the refreshing liquid
      “We’re gonna have a trial run in a minute Gracie……get your breath back and then I think we’ll hitch a ride”

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      1. EM quickly drained her glass, put it down on the table, jmuped up and looked at others expectantly. ….
        Well? Are we gonna have a wee go? Grab a tram……literally.. 😂….and see where we end up?

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        1. after taking a huge gulp Gracie sprayed half her drink across the table

          “Jojo I said a refreshing drink not pure alcohol, what is this stuff?”

          shrugging her shoulders and peering into the glass Gracie rolled her eyes and started to down her drink.

          “ill need it with all the plans to follow” 😀 I’m ready EM, JoJo lets grab a tram!

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        2. “You’re on EM” Jojo stood up on her wheels. She felt a lot taller than usual. Almost as tall as the tallest Brat Pack member.
          “Anywho……..lets go….c’mon Gracie stop slurping.,,,we have a tram to catch”

          The three brats made their way across the sidewalk and waited for a tram…..in a few seconds they could hear one approach

          “OK girls…..on the count of three and we grab hold of the rear fender……one……two…..three” shouted Jojo

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          1. On hearing “three” Em rolled out just behind the tram, reached out and grabbed the fender.
            “Yes!!” she sqealed in glee! Looking back, she spotted Gracie, rolling towards them in a not very straight line! EM snorted, and holding on for dear life with her left hand she reached out and grabbed Gracie pulling her over to the back of the tram. Grab on hun! she said. Seeing that Jojo already had a hold of the fender, EM relaxed.
            “Here we go girls! “hold on tight!”
            The three brats held on and squealed with laughter as the tram picked up speed and headed down the steep hill! Bending her knees, EM loved the feeling of freedom. The buzz was amazing…….

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            1. “Ummm…..EM we’re going up the hill……then once at the top we let GO and speed down…Ok?”

              Jojo held on tightly to the steel bar. Looking over her shoulder she could see the bay and little sail boats on the waves. The view was breathtaking….looking across to Gracie she knew she felt the same….although the young brat was now sporting a slight greenish tinge.

              Jojo winked “Dont worry Gracie, spot of sea air will soon buck you up”…..just as she said those words, the tram stopped. They were now at the top of the hill. Whoa……..

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            2. Gracie’s head was still spinning….was that the three?

              Rolling left, right and centre Gracie saw EM reach out for her but she seemed just a tad too faraway though. staggering forward a little she felt a firm hand grab her by the arm and pull her to safety at the back of the tram.

              clinging on Gracie gave EM and Jojo a Cheshire grin that hid a slightly sickly feeling for the up coming ride down the long steep steep… did I mention steep road!

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              1. /ROFLMAO!! Ok!! I thought we were heading down and once the tram turned off we let go and continued down the hill……too many kamikhazis me thinks! Ok!! Up it is!//😄

                Hearing Jojo’s words EM looked at Gracie…..uhh Gracie? Ya ok hun? Receiving a nod, and noticing they were at the top, EM grabbed Gracies arm……Get ready hun! Here we go!!! Tram has stopped. ”
                Looking across at Jojo, EM said, Ready?….1….2…..3……LET GO!!!
                Letting go of fender, the brats began to roll……
                “Jaysus, Mary and Joseph and the wee Donkey!!!” EM squealed. “Feckin Amazing! Their Speed increased at an alarming rate as they sped down the hill. They leaned and swerved, doing their utmost to avoid traffic and pedestrians……..What a rush!
                “Hey Jojo?” EM called to her friend. Where exactly does this hill end? At the water?…….

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              2. Releasing her grip on the fender bar, Jojo waited for the tram to start it’s descent. Looking across to EM and Gracie, she gqave the signal and they were off….

                Jojo crouched down, bending her knees as she made herself as aerodynamic as possible. She sped down the hill, her blades sending up sparks in her wake as she gathered up momentum and soon she was flying……oh heck….she actually was flying, Her blades were no longer in contact with the ground…. Jojo gulped….she wasn’t made for flying……


                1. as they sped down the hill at terrifying speed Gracie navigated herself as stealthily as a slightly inebriated and road sick brat could.

                  from the corner of her eyes JoJo started to lift of the ground, either this girl had mad skills or she was in need of some help. guiding her skates in Jojo’s direction Gracie attempted to grab Jojo’s hand,

                  “here JoJo grab on to me” Gracie yelled over the horns and shouts from pedestrians.


  11. CJ saw the ladies coming down the hill at an alarming but exciting rate. She had to time this just right so she could hang with them. She jumped in front of them to gain speed so when they caught up to her they would be accelerator at the same velocity. She could hear them catching up as she gained speed!

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    1. Gritting her teeth, Jojo moved her body into a horizontal,position and all of a sudden “Touch Down” her blades made contact with the ground and she was back in the race.

      Risking a glance over her shoulder, she could see Gracie a few yards behind her. She was weaving all over the place and yelling “Kamakazi” At the top of her lungs. Jojo grinned, that was one brat out of the race….hmmm……now where was EM…oh shoot…..dont tell me that was CJ in front. How on earth did she do that?

      Her blades were shooting out small sparks of fire as Jojo sped down the hill. Everything was a blur but she was determined to overtake……and then with a tremendous push, she shot forward and passed EM who was on her right……she swerved just in time as a tram going up the hill, blaated its horn at her…..whoa that was a close shave……now where was the speed fiend? Oh Yes….

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  12. CJ felt and heard the ladies gaining. They really did have more velocity then she had at this moment. Hearing Gracie screaming kamikazi, CJ tried to keep from falling as she was laughing.

    Next thing she knew Jojo was zooming by with EM right behind her.


    1. Jojo swept passed CJ with an expert kick of her blades. Neatly side swiped an oncoming donkey and cart plodding up the hill. The donkey looked vaguely familiar but she wasn’t able to stop and exchange pleasantries.

      The wind was buffeting, making it hard to remain upright. Hearing a screech behind her Jojo looked over her shoulder. EM had stopped and was hugging Wee Donkey. Honestly she was inseparable 😃.

      Setting her sights back on the race, Jojo doubled her speed and surged on down the hill leaving a trail of dust in her wake.

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    2. Gracie sighed with relief that Jojo was fine, even though her rescue mission had not gone as planned and had resulted in her skidding into the back of a taxi that she was now lying of the back of screaming to pedestians something about Kamakazi…..

      rolling back off the taxi boot Gracie felt her feet touch down onto road once again… grabbing onto the side of the taxi she let it transport her down, she grinned as she came close to Jojo and gave her a wave!

      “hey jojo if YOU win you buy me another Kamakazi ok?”…….. so that CJ in the distance could here she hollered louder… “you too CJ”

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  13. CJ was now behind all three of them. She needed some extra speed she bent her knees and tucked her head in to make herself faster. It still wasn’t getting her what she needed.

    All of a sudden a police car sirens blaring turned in front of her. CJ grabbed the bumper and held on as the police car went flying down the hill.

    A very stern voice came over a loud speaker on top of the cop car. “You skaters need to pull over immediately!”

    CJ ducked down even further her mind was a whirl “she needed to stop this car from reaching her friends”.

    Thinking quickly she pulled out a few fire crackers and her lighter. Luckily they were in a pocket on her skates. Urgently she lit the firecrackers and laid them on the bumper while letting go.

    Within seconds they went off and the cop car screeched to a stop. CJ flew around it and raced after her friends.

    The loud speaker blared again”We will find you!!”

    CJ yelled to her friends “We need to take a right at the next street or we will head into the water!”

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  14. Jojo, EM and Gracie barely had time to make the turn, but they did it. The road had a nice incline that allowed them to safely slow down. CJ came around a few seconds later.

    “Hey ladies I think we need to get these skates off and are shoes back on. Those cops are not going to be long once they figure out that their tires are good and no one was shooting at them.”

    Jojo looked around and found another bar ” Ladies head this way.”

    They all followed her into the bar. Just as the police car rounded the corner. CJ saw them. She looked around and spotted t-shirts the bar was selling. Quickly she purchased 4 of them. Hey we need to switch shirts fast. The cops were looking into each establishment.

    As fast as they could they changed and ordered drinks and appetizers. The cops had stopped and gotten out they were walking into each of the businesses. Asking people questions. CJ saw a person pointing towards the bar they were in.

    “Aaaaa ladies I think we are going to need to blend in they just came through the door.”

    CJ watched as the cops asked the hostess if she had seen anyone with rollerblades on. The hostess shook her head no. Cj was grinning so far her $100 that she gave the hostess was working. Soon the cops were on their way.

    Cj breathed a sigh of relief. The waitress delivered their round of drinks and appetizers. CJ held her glass up “To great friends and one helluva an adventure. Thanks for the idea Jojo!”

    They continued to enjoy more drinks and appetizers.

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    1. //sorry….double posting. Posted this in the Ireland thread by mistake//


      Right Bratpack!! Here ya go! Breakfast fer when ya all decide ta surface this fine Saturday morning!!

      I know! I know! It’s earLy fer the weekend. But……too bad! 😂😂 Has ta be early!
      We’re off ta the Ring of Kerry today…….so early start. You all have a great weekend. Will try ta check in with ya but if not……..don’t be doin anything EM wouldn’t do………sooooo anything goes!!! 😂😇😈

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      1. *stumbling in* who the feck turned the lights on……where’s coffee……uh what day is it…..EEMMMMMMMMM I’m looost…and confused cos the breakfast was on the wrong page and I followed the smell of the coffee 🤣🤣….. 😴 …….:.

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        1. *laughing* Woookkkiiieeee!!! Morning buddy! Soorry ! Posted in the wrong place. Iff ya head on over ta “hanging out” theres fresh coffee there for ya!

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            1. EEEMMMMMMMMMMMMM I’m in ” hanging out” Wookie yelled ” that just sounds wrong somehow she thought then turned back ” heeeelppppppp coffeeeeee pleeeeease”……..😈😈

              Hi Jojo I’m fine thank you and how are you doing …..😊

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        1. I sure will….and now I have to go in RL. I shall post something about the speed race later today. I’m hoping to win 😁

          See ya later, have fun


  15. CJ stumbled into the blog. There seemed to have been quite a ruckus this morning. People jumping from page to page breakfast everywhere. Alas it has quieted down.

    She grabbed a grape juice, bagel with cream cheese and a couple of eggs over medium. Sitting down at the table she opened up her laptop, today was going to be a writing day…


      1. Hey EL!!

        Well I have been hoodwinked into helping on one book. 😉

        The other book I started for the Anthology and decided it would be too long sooooo I decided to try and finish it.

        I also have a Super Brat story for the gift exchange.

        How about you? Are you getting ready to move to the big city? Do you have a story for the gift exchange? Time has a tendency to fly the last part of the year. 😊


        1. Wow, that does sound lovely! Now I’m curious 😍

          I’m getting ready to panic, thank you 😅 (I’m back on schedule with preparations…but when I think about leaving I become greenish, so I keep procrastinating. 😉 I think procrastination is my bestfriendforever.)

          As for the story…I had a few ideas but still missing THE one! You are right, I should be working on it. Although I don’t have the summer one finished yet. 😂

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          1. Well you do have a huge new adventure waiting for you!! But ya know the best thing about moving? We will still be there whenever you need us… we are just an email or blog comment away. 😊

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            1. Your right, CJ. But Ellie, please remember that some of the ladies here may lead you astray. Feel free to ignore anyone trying to incite you to start fires, speed, tear up things, or change my coffee creamer.

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