Howdy thar’ partners!

Wayward Angels has just posted the beginning of a serialized story called, “The Rodeo”.  All three Angels are writing and I would like to see if you can guess which author is writing for which character.  Feel free to mosey over to Wayward Angels and read Part 1 that was just posted moments ago.  Then tell us which author is writing for which character and why you believe it to be so.

The authors are:  Clair Britain, CJ O’Hara, and Anna Reilly.

Note:  We won’t tell immediately as it will be interesting to see if you change your mind over time.

Also- July is fast approaching.  Stardawn and Clair are working hard on the stories that have been submitted so far.  There is still time for you to send in your story.  I promise you they are both excellent editors as evidenced by the Anthology written last year.  I believe they helped each writer go beyond what she believed she could achieve.  And how great was it to see our names on a published book.  Wow!  If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.  I’m sure the two editors will answer quickly.  I can also email them if needed.

Here is a link to Wayward Angels.

Hope you enjoy!

Anna aka Micah