A New Game

I found a little game on Caneiac , and of course had to buy it.  It’s a game of chance with a spanky twist.  There are three die (dice) to roll.  The first one tells you what implement will be used.  It ranges from your hand up to the cane.  The second dice says which position to use such as OTK, in the corner, touching your toes, etc.

Now the third dice is my favorite.  It says how many swats CJ….err….the brat will receive.  It has 32 sides to it so it can  range from 1 swat of the hand all the way up to 32 strikes with the cane.  Ouch!

Of course, any cheating on the part of   CJ…..err…the brat will be met with a sharp lesson in manners!  There are just some things a Top can’t allow.

So how did CJ….err.. the brat’s luck hold?  Wellll…..she was doing ok at first.  Six with a flogger, 10 with the hand.   But then there was that fateful roll of 25  with the cane!  (evil laugh)  She is sitting tenderly at the moment and I can’t even pretend to feel sorry for her as I grin with wicked glee.   Can’t wait to try this with Tigger!

My favorite game is still “Name that Implement”.  As my implement collection grows it’s makes for quite a session for the brat to name all of them.  The way it works is this:

  1.  Lay out all the implements you might use.
  2. The brat must keep her head turned away from the implements as you play.  Looking at them counts as cheating and makes a forfeit of 10 swats with the implement of my choice.  (placing the implements so close makes it very difficult for the brat to keep her head turned so forfeits happen almost every time)
  3. I pick up the implement of my choice and begin a nice steady rhythm while the brat guesses which implement it is.  She tries up to 3 times as I continue swatting.  If she doesn’t get it, she receives 10 more swats as a forfeit.

It’s great to see the brat wriggle as she tries to think clearly while the SMACK! of the thick wooden paddle is echoing in the room.  It’s also interesting that the brat often has trouble deciding between leather and wood.  As an added bonus I try to use the implements a little differently to confuse the brat.  Maybe the flogger is twisted so that it smacks one small area instead of the normal one.  Maybe the ruler is ‘flicked’ instead of swatted or the crop is used like a cane.  Whew!  Just writing this makes me eager to play again.

I would love to hear about any games you or your spanking partner have come up with.  I’m always ready to try something fun!  I’m now with within striking distance of Tigger and I’m sure she would love to hear about any spanking games you might have….

Happy spanking!

Anna Reilly aka Micah Porter


19 thoughts on “A New Game

  1. Let’s bring out a few omissions from The Top of the above post! First she “cheats” if the dice rolls an odd number she adds to make it even. Something about not wanting one side to feel neglected! This is totally against the BRAT Geneva Convention!
    Next The Top asks you very nicely to pick out which implements you want to represent the implements on the dice. She stands there smiling as you strategically choose. When you are all done, she evilly announces all the others will be used as her wild card choices! 🤦🏼‍♀️
    As for the implement guessing game it’s a rigged roulette game! No matter how good you get The Top will change how the implement is used and next thing you hear is a voice full of evil glee singing out “FORFEIT!”
    As for all of you wondering YES my rear end is sore!! 😉 But so is Micah’s arm. 😂😂😂

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    1. I’m not surprised to hear that a certain Top cheats… 😉 Did you suggest that she try rounding down to an even number instead? After all, it would achieve the same result.

      Alternatively… *begins coughing fit* I’m sure a brat of your resourcefulness and skill could easily acquire a set of similar-looking loaded dice… *ends coughing fit*

      Must have got something stuck in my throat there. 😛 Good luck to both you and Tigger.

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      1. Mishi, Mishi, Mishi. You’re clearly misguided so I’ll explain this to you and anyone else that may have fallen victim to CJ’s comments. A Top doesn’t cheat. After all, she is simply looking after the brat. Therefore, any excuse to swat a brat bottom is a GOOD thing. Besides, if anyone ever needed a good spanking it’s CJ. She is bratboss after all, and hadn’t had much attention in a quite some time. I was just doing my duty as a friend and assisting her. 🙂

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        1. *nods along saintly, with a look of sympathy and understanding* Oh, of course, I hadn’t thought of it THAT way… now it makes sense. 😇

          *whispering to CJ* Don’t worry, I’m just lulling her into a sense of complacency. I know to trust the Bratboss! 😜

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            1. snorting my coffee
              Saintly? The Phantom Menace is saintly?
              thinking for a moment
              Oh yeah. You hang around Ellie so comparatively speaking you might just be considered saintly although I believe ‘less bratty’ is the more accurate description

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              1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Except from what you say you just spilled coffee all over your laptop, again!

                Ps. My halo is brighter and shiner than ever!


    2. You poor, poor thing, Cj… sending you lots of peas. Don’t you wish you were an ‘over the ponder’, who drives on the correct side of the road, now! 😁 It’d be hard for the evilness of those swats and games to reach you here! 😂😂

      Did you come up with that ‘guess the implement’ game, yourself, Micah?Just have that feeling, ya know…😜

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      1. I came up with the game but I’m sure many other Tops have thought of it over the years. It’s amazing how difficult it is for the brat to get the correct answer when the implement is still swatting you fairly fast.

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        1. hmmm, seems a little bit biased to me, this game… a loose, loose situation for the brat then, that’s not all that fair…😕

          You know the part of a game that always, mysteriously seems to go missing is the die. They’re so small and fiddly, anything can happen to them. So if they were to vanish without a trace… then a poor unsuspecting brat couldn’t be blamed right?…and no, I would never dare to be making subtle suggestions to Cj and Tigger…😇

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  2. Its been a really long time, but when I used to do parties, we’d play board games like yatzee, scrabble, uno, and poker. Points each brat lost by was translated to swats. Not too exciting but fun to play in groups.

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  3. We play games too Micah and my lovely girlfriend seems to be getting more and more creative with the games she has been coming up with lately.

    During our last weekly session she surprised me with a new game. She likes to play Black Jack, only her version had a little twist. On every card she had written down the name of an implement. Then we would play 2 or 3 decks of black jack. The cards face value represented how many swats you would get with the implement that was written on it. If I bust or lost then my hand would represent what She would dish out!

    I think the worst hand was when I bust with 26. I got 10 with the wooden paddle, 10 with the hairbrush and 6 with the leather strap!😳

    She also incorporated the joker but I’m not going to tell you what she did with that!😉

    I’m pretty sure all the dreaded implements were written on the highest cards too. The moral of the story is that Tops can have a creative evilness!😉

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  4. *LOL* A good way of curing someone of a gambling habit! 😉
    Aw, I really wanna play that game too! You ‘mericans have all the fun. I still remain unspanked! *feeling sorry for myself* ;(

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