Hanging Out – 10

I believe a couple of scamps lovely women have given me the most subtle of hints that Hanging Out -10 would be nice to have.  So here you have it!  I would now tell you to behave, but why waste my breath?  Just remember, for every bratty action there is an equal and painful toppy reaction.

Have fun



410 thoughts on “Hanging Out – 10

  1. LOVE, Love, love, Jojo you absolute ledgend!!! 😁😁😁
    Fantastic work…have a 🍻 or two on me! 😂😂

    With all the work that has gone into prepairing and then administering the final piece, I’d say you could make a book up about it!… but then again I believe Claire’s already onto that! 😂😇😉

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  2. Gee whiz ladies. I don’t know what to say. On the one hand I wanna put each of you over my knee and spank the daylights out of you! And on the other hand I’m so overwhelmed that you took so much of your time the last few days to do all this.
    Jojo, you truly outdid yourself! Tigger is snickering at the moment about the name of Claire’s new book and I’ve been cringing at your descriptions all day.

    Thank you all for making this such a good Birthday. It’s truly been a great one and it’s because of all of you.
    Swats to all of you.

    And JOJO!!! Your butt is mine!!!

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    1. Awesome Jojo. What can I say…you’re a legend!!!! 🤣 I’ve literally been loling this morning…😃
      Sorry I’m playing catch up…was travelling yesterday.
      This will be one birthday none of us will ever forget..😊
      Claire you’re poem is epic!!
      And Micah…aww thank you for being such a wonderful sport. I hope your Birthday was everything and more!!
      Soooo whats next girls?? 😈😉

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    2. Big gulp…..Yes Ma’am

      // Seriously though Micah, you would have laughed at all the e-mails that were going around Sunday evening as to who was going to take up the challenge. I hadn’t initially thought that far in advance. I think it was down to CJ who gave us all a “poke” as to who was going to be brave enough to spank you.
      The ladies were great though, because they allowed me to do the writing, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope I brought a smile to your face and a sting to your butt lol

      //looking forward to Claire’s next book. From Top to Bottom The Secret Diary of a Switch. Maybe it will be out for Christmas 😁



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    3. That’s right, thank you for allowing us the privilege to do this, Micah.

      And Claire, I don’t remember if I said anything last night but your poem is awesome! We should deliver to miss Micah a printed copy!

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  3. Finally got around to reading this entire thing… well done Jojo… though you made me itchy. 😉 We will have to make sure you return to your rightful brat position soon, young lady!

    Micah, I hope you have had a wonderful birthday filled with love and joy. Wishing you an amazing year to come! And I’m leaving you some frozen peas if your heart desires. 😉

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  4. ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏



        1. Mmh not partying but I tried to drown thoughts in Spritz! Turns out it only works for 30 minutes or so at a time 😂

          What…is it hard to believe that I can be quiet and peaceful? 😇

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          1. Tis true…only works fer a short time…try the Bushmills next time..😂

            *thinking*……welll yeah…..tis a BIT hard ta believe..😈😀and

            Now me on the other hand…..being quiet is my nature….😂😂😂😂😂

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            1. My parents were around. I could’ve tried a drink they make here that apparently makes you allucinate but you know how it is…parents always have to ruin plans 🙄

              I think though that not even with this drink in my veins I would be able to imagine you being QUIET…

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              1. I’ll have ya know….I’m very good at being quiet…..on occasion…😂

                Ahhh the parents were around…well ya know we don’t always spoil the plans….my motto is…
                “IF YA CAN’T BEAT ‘EM….JOIN ‘EM!…😊

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                1. Not my parents’ motto at all 😂 They’re more on the line of… “If anything could go wrong, it will! Hence you should be a model citizen and watch out for anything existing around you that could cause you harm, even particles in the air”…

                  Bit of an opposite approach xD

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                  1. Ahhh….well ya know there are many different parenting styles. I’m not saying any is right or wrong.
                    Every family kinda does what works for them. I do agree with being aware of things around you that could cause you harm and taking precautions to keep you safe.
                    That being said, I have to admit to leaning towards a more lenient parenting style. Is it right? It’s right for us and works for me and my kids. They are pretty well adjusted.
                    Just know….whatever style your parents adopt…..it’s because they love you and want you to be safe and happy! 😊

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                    1. I know. I guess there are pros and cons for every approach. I do think sometimes that the overprotective style makes for insecure people, however. Or maybe that’s just me when I’m not a brat. See? I should be a brat 24/7! Totally!


  5. *tap, tap on Logan’s back*

    Logan, you know a while ago I was trying to 🏃‍♀️ 3 miles 😁 and I had to stop because the old back went…..well guess what, I’ve started running again 😁 sooooooo……….hmmm 🤔what was the bet I had with you…………


    1. My dear Jojo brat. Several things, first, you lost the bet before the back went out, however, I was going to be kind and not call you on it. Second, even if I were to bet with you again and lose this time and you did get to swat at me, hon I can give you a *look* that causes you to blush, squirm, say yes ma’am and lose all train of thought instantly, so you really think you’d be able to do anything? Third, you have been very itchy lately maybe we need to discuss further the things we discussed Saturday?

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              1. Walks into kitchen in full running gear 🏃‍♀️

                Starts to make breakfast



                *Breakfast everyone *

                Oh hi Logan fancy coming for a run 😁

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      1. Oh boy did I need that strong coffee and luck Jojo, my go to phrases for the day so far have been

        “Don’t push the hamster cage off the table, they get ouchies too” and

        “thank you darling, but I really don’t want you to feed your cake to me, it’s not really real, look it’s from the mud kitchen” got to love kids eh! 😂😂

        I’m doing alright Jojo, how are you?

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        1. Aaah, such fun working with children lol. I’m actually doing an apprenticeship Supporting Teaching and Learning . I shall be the oldest apprentice in the country by the time I finish it next year😅. On holiday as of Friday , off to Cornwall. Can’t wait. ⛱🌊🍹


          1. LT and I have another bet on. I’m hoping she’s not gonna renege on this one, like she did with the 🏃‍♀️ running bet.😊

            Anyway, LT needs to finish her story for the anthology, so as a little encouragement she has agreed that I can swat her 😁if she doesn’t get her story handed in by Tuesday. 🍑🏓

            I’m sooòooo looking forward to Tuesday *rolling up sleeve and rifling through implement drawer*


  6. Bustles into the kitchen, starts opening windows and doors.
    “Bit fuggy in here, needs a good breath of fresh air”🌫🌫

    Opens cupboard, and roots around….

    “Ah yes, flour, milk, eggs” 🥚🥛

    Coffee starts brewing.☕
    Frying pan starts spitting🍳

    Cook cook cook, flip, flip, flip…..ooops,,,,that hit the ceiling!

    Soon a large stack of pancakes sit on the work top.🥞

    “Okay, now, do I want, lemon and sugar or maple syrup or banana and Nutella?”🍋🍚🍌🌰

    Plops down at breakfast bar and starts scoffing.

    🍁🍁Happy last day of September 🍁🍁

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    1. *Me,me, me ,me *

      jumps up and down and tries to snatch keys from LT.

      *Gimme Gimme, I haven’t driven in ages* 🏃‍♀️🚌

      Yells out to Carrie and Ellie *Carrie, have you got your Halloween costume yet? 😱 Octoberfest here I come 😇🎃🍺

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  7. I have been far too well behooved for far too long too!
    *gets into the bus dragging a protesting Mishi after her*
    At least I deserve is a beer or ten.

    Besides, when the bratboss herself calls to arms…one just can’t say no.

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  8. Wohoo, no way I’m missing this Carrie thought as she slipped into slightly zombiefied nurse outfit.

    Knowing the brat pack, a nurse may come in handy even if it’s not quite up to the standards of a normal one!

    Jumping up onto the bus she greeted Jojo, Ellie and a rather confused Mishi by chucking sweeties all over the bus. as her beloved brat friends dived this way and that way to grab the best ones … Carrie used the moment to grab one of Ellie’s 🍺, flopped into a seat and slurped away.

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  9. Soaring over Erebor’s Lonely Mountain on the back of a giant eagle really was a marvelous way to spend the day. Mishi spread out her arms and sighed happily, enjoying the feel of the wind in her face. Suddenly, another giant eagle dive-bombed them, scooping Mishi into its talons and yanking her off the back of her eagle friend. The new eagle was not as kind; it shook Mishi violently until her eyes flew open.

    She wasn’t in Middle Earth, and she wasn’t being dragged around by a giant eagle, but by an Italian brat, who propelled her off the couch where she’d
    been having a very nice nap. Mishi spluttered out several questions, her sleepy mind trying to figure out what was happening, and she caught a couple
    of Ellie’s words as her friend hauled her out the door. Octoberfest and Bratpack.

    Mishi tried to voice several protests against the interruption of her nap and the rough handling, but her words fell on deaf ears. Before she knew it, Mishi was on the bus with the others. She gave a little sigh, and then leaned back in her seat and watched the others… after sticking her tongue out at Ellie. She loved fairs and carnivals and all that sort of thing… Octoberfest would be fun.

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  10. Logan carefully kept the keys from any snatchy brats and loaded everything onto the brat bus.

    Bondfire supplies – check
    Plenty of beer and alcohol- check
    Fire Extinguishers – tossed out to make room for other more important items
    Costumes and decorations – check
    Hay bales and blankets for the hayride- check

    After loading everything up she carefully screwed a snowboard onto the top of the brat bus just in front of the emergency fire exit. Looking at the group the said, “It so we can surf even though it’s to “cool” to go into the water now!”

    With that proclomation, she jumped onto the bus and cranked the engine. “All aboard to the Octoberbratfest Extravaganza!”

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    1. Jojo watched out of the window as LT sped speedily down the highway. LT weaved in and out of the traffic like a dodgem at the fair. As they turned off the main road, she spied a field full of enormous pumpkins 🎃🎃🎃

      *LT, IT stop a minute! Look pumpkins….* Jojo danced her way up to the drivers seat and nudged LT in the back of the head. *Halloween isn’t Halloween without pumpkins, we need to stop and snaffle some”

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  11. Logan screeched to a halt, the brakes squealing in protest and sparks spitting out from underneath the wheels.
    Jojo rummaged in her rucksack and found her trust bowie knife, just the thing for harvesting pumpkins. And she needed a lot,
    She jumped down from the bus and scooted over to the pumpkin patch. Oh my, which one should she go for first?


    1. It didn’t take long for Jojo to harvest the crop of 🎃🎃🎃🎃. She 🏃‍♀️ back and forth to the 🚌 carrying the awesome orange vegetables. Soon they were all stored in the back, each one taking up a seat. Jojo got back on the bus

      “Drive on LT”

      Logan put the 🚌 into gear, and sped off. Jojo grabbed her 🔪 and picked up the first pumpkin and began to whittle……


      1. My brat is perfectly safe. She just curled up to take a nap for a while… I’m sure sooner or later she’ll wake up raring to go. 😉

        Good luck making it through the rest of the day. There’s not too much left, you’ll make it! (I’m doing the same, I suppose….)

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        1. Yeah. You all will be happy to know reading all the old comments from our shinanigans has really helped keep me sane these past few days! 😜 (also I wanted to comment several times on several tings but decided it best not to since some of them were over a year old lol)

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                    1. Hmm… I feel like I’ve heard a lot more about destruction than construction on this blog, but I think you’re right. We’ve got some people who could help out. In the meantime, we can live in tents. Or RVs. Or, well, figure something out….

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                    2. Yeah that’s true. We know several people have RVs and we (my fam) is working on 30’ camper ATM so we could figure it out. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Besides if they can do it on survivor then it can’t be to terribly hard 😂


                    3. Lol I’m thinking water and food might be more pressing issues though tbh. I like chocolate a bit to much and other people like their alcohol a bit to much to give it up entirely. 😂😉


                    4. Probably a good idea. You know all those videos of people buying canned goods before a hurricane maybe that should be us. 😂 Although I get motion sick so someone might have to knock me out for the boat ride before we go.


                    1. Yep! I sincerely think we should. I mean it’s been foooooorrrreeeeevvvvveeerrr. She probably thinks see dont wuv her anymore. 😂 and with any luck she will be busy with her Tigger until it’s to late to stop us!


                    2. Wellllll…… you see. We went on this big Cisco trip today and came home with 1,000 feet of Saran Wrap well low and behold we don’t have room for it! So we need to find something to do with it. I was thinking if we Saran Wrap her to her bed while she sleeps or Saran Wrap her room closed she can’t chase us when she sees the rest of the surprise!


                    3. Wow, you don’t think small. Okay, :P, but also can I get bubble wrap and cover the entire floor with it? Just for fun… because for some reason Saran Wrap made me think of bubble wrap.

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  12. Logan quickly snuck into Micah’s house where she was sleeping quietly. She made her way up the stairs and to the end of the house where the woman was sleeping. Carefully Logan taped the extra wide Saran Wrap along the left side of the top of her door. Once it was in place she began to unroll it covering the top edge of the door. She continued unrolling it as quietly as she could until the end of other hallway where she met a window. Carefully and silently she opened the window and snuck out continuing her journey of Saran wrapping the woman in her master suite. Logan wrapped the outside walls and windows walking around that half of the house on the roof until making her way back to the window opposite the one she exited earlier. Sneakily she opened the window going back inside and continued to wrap the master suite in Saran Wrap. She continued this careful wrapping job a dozen or so more times until the entire door and all the windows had a covering of plastic that would take some time to cut through and she was running short on wrap! Finally, she tucked the end of the Saran Wrap into one window ensuring is wouldn’t come lose. Finally, she slid a knife between layers of plastic that was over the door and snuck back down stairs.


  13. Mishi brought in a huge roll of bubble wrap. She had both the kind with large bubbles and some with smaller bubbles too. She planned to alternate them in stripes, so that it would sound almost musical as they were walked on. She covered the surface of the floor with the bubble wrap, laying it out carefully. She made a path of bubble wrap all the way to the kitchen, where she prepared the coffee pot, filling it with water and the coffee roast and setting out the hazelnut creamer and some sugar, getting it all ready to go. Then, she snuck back out, careful to avoid any bubble wrap on her way.


  14. Ellie snuck her way into the “family” house using the brat key Micah had given them all. She noticed Mishi and Logan had done a great job of decorating, so she tried her best not to interfere with the new pieces of design in the house and made it straight to the kitchen, where she rested a Birthday Cake on the table.

    On top of the cake, in chocolate glaze, was written “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHI”. Ellie placed a scrapbook filled with pictures from the old BratPack adventures beside the cake and a card saying “2000+ years of brattiness”.

    Finally, Ellie realized that a birthday cake had no meaning if the candles were off, so she proceeded to light them before sneaking her way back out.

    A certain brat deserved that and more, and she was positive everyone would enjoy a piece of cake along with the coffee.

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    1. (slapping my forehead) I’m so sorry for missing your birthday, Mishi. I haven’t been on my laptop in quite a while. Giving you a hug and a swat. I hope your birthday was great! No one deserves a hug and swat, better than you.

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  15. *door bangs open and snow flurries pile up on the tiled floor.”

    Grunt, grunt…ffs this is ginormous……heave ho….

    Jojo staggers in through the kitchen door pulling a humungous Christmas Tree.

    Okay….almost there….Oh shute…….hnfffff………help…..

    Kitchen filled with muffled cries as Jojo lies underneath the fir free with only her boots showing.

    If no one comes to help me, its gonna be a loooooooong night …….


  16. Hey LT, long time no see 😊 How ya doing?

    Okay, we need a big pot for this baby (pats tree lovingly), not sure where we put it?

    *looks around kitchen*


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