Bringing a little smile to your face

The  website doesn’t allow images to be placed in comments.  The only way it can be done is via a post.  (If my computer illiteracy is showing let me know).  Boats has been kind enough to send me a little picture that is very appropriate for all the brats around her (and based on your most recent shenanigans, you’ve taken it as a mantra!)  Here is a message to you from Boats.

Thank you Boats for the picture!


picture of stitch


19 thoughts on “Bringing a little smile to your face

      1. SWAT!
        Mischievous? Mischievous?
        Just think about it … Mischievous Mishi.
        The two similarities and the appropriate meaning are perfect for you. Now I’m not sure if you should be the Phantom Menace or Mishievous Mishi. They’re both fit so well.

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          1. Hark who’s talking! 😜 It’s too bad Ellie doesn’t bear any obvious similiarity to a nickname like that… but I’ll work on it and get back to you. An even bigger brat than me deserves a brat-nickname too. 😊


        1. Ow! *hiding a grin* You know, I like that nickname… it does have some nice alliteration to it. Plus whenever anyone calls me that, I can say I learned from the best, and her name starts with M too! It sadly doesn’t have the soft sssshhh sound though.


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