Micah’s Birthday

I watched the blog explode as the brats plotted my demise on my Birthday.  Then on the big day, Jojo wrote a wonderful story of my Birthday spanking.  ( Jojo is now on my list)

In addition, Claire wrote a poem to commemorate the big day.  With CJ’s help, the sordid tale can be read below rather than searching through one of our Hanging Out posts.

I have to admit, it was great fun even though it was MY butt on the line.  I wanna say THANK YOU to all the brats that participated as I appreciate the gesture.  It made my birthday a special one.  Besides, you inspired me.  Tigger is now sporting a well-spanked bum thanks to your shenanigans.

Here is my tale of woe:


Written for Birthday Girl Micah, aka Anna, by Jojo.  Inspired by Carrie, Ellie, Ellie May, Robin, Jaykay, Ro, Logan, and Mishi, with a little nudge from Claire and CJ.  All from Anna Reilly’s Spanking Romance

Micah’s Birthday Spanking

by Jojo

Part 1
Micah woke to the chirp of birds tweeting Happy Birthday. She stretched and yawned and sat up in bed. Oh Yes, today was the big day. A smile spread across her face as she thought of all the good things she had in store.
She hopped out of bed, grabbed her dressing gown and slid it on over her bright purple satin pajamas and strode to the window. She opened the casement and leaned out as bright sunshine flooded the room.
“Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birth……” she stopped mid-hum. Leaned out further, her brow furrowed.
What on earth had happened to her trees? They looked like they had been given a serious prune!
Micah shook her head and strained her neck out further.
Hmm was that Claire’s motorbike parked up in the yard? And that definitely appeared to be Clifford, CJ’s truck. How strange that they hadn’t said they were coming over.
Micah pondered on this as she made her favorite beverage, a girl was never too old to have a Snickers coffee. She took another slurp of her drink and then stopped, she’d heard a rustle, followed by what could only be the bray of a donkey!
She set down her coffee cup and tiptoed to the back door, opened it and peered out into the yard. Wee Donkey stood placidly under the shade of a peach tree. Micah scratched her head, so if that was Wee Donkey then where was EllieMay? She turned suddenly as yet another sound caught her attention.
“Silenzio!” That sounded like Italian.
“Not my fault, you stood on my foot!” a hushed whisper but that was a British accent unless her ears deceived her.
The doorbell rang. Micah walked swiftly to the door and opened it.
“Post for you Ma’am,” and the postman thrust a small envelope and a rather large parcel into her hands.
Micah closed the door and hurried back to the kitchen. Presents! She just soooo loved presents especially when they were for her. She ripped off the packaging and unwrapped the gift.
Micah’s eyes glazed over in her excitement. It was a paddle. Brown leather, with the most expert of stitching. It had surely been crafted by someone who knew their trade. Embossed on one side of the paddle was her name “Micah” and on the other “August 6th 2018.”
She opened the envelope. Inside was an invite. Micah read the card, and a slow smile spread over her lips. Her brats had invited her to her own birthday party. Oh yes, she would definitely be attending. It was going to be a party to remember.
Part 2
Micah dressed carefully, tucked her white blouse into her tight black leather pants and put on her blue suede shoes. She surveyed herself in the mirror. She may be over a certain age, but dang it, she looked hot.
She made her way to the theatre. Where were the brats?
She had heard signs of brats, but she hadn’t seen a single one. She turned the handle to the theatre door and pushed it open. It was dark inside, Micah fumbled for the light switch and then…….
***TA DA***
The room was filled with light of every colour, a marching band had struck up and there before her where all the Bratpack. It almost brought tears to her eyes.
Her eye roved around the room, ah yes, there were CJ and Claire. If there was mischief afoot, there was only one person to look for. But for once CJ looked angelic. CJ sat on one of the comfy seats alongside Claire. Both were drinking from beer bottles and had large cartons of popcorn on their laps.
Next Micah spied Carrie, the young brat was at the bar, making cocktails. Micah smiled, she could just do with Sex on the Beach.
Robin and Mishi were sat down by CJ and Claire, chatting merrily away. Excitement was in the air and a sense of expectation.
Micah looked around, waved a hand in Logan’s direction as the tall American stood leaning by the wall talking to Jaykay and Ro. They seemed to be sorting out the sound system.
She smiled, and then the room descended into silence except for the sound of a frantic conversation.
Micah frowned and looked over. There in a corner were Jojo, EM and Ellie. What were they up to? Micah’s hand started to itch.
Then Em and Ellie picked Jojo up by her elbows and scooted her over.
“Jojo’s got something to ask,” announced Em and she looked up innocently at Micah.
“Yes, Jojo would like to ask you something,” reiterated Ellie, her big brown eyes gazed up at Micah. That brat sure did know the art of puppy dog eyes.
Micah looked down at the English brat. “And what would you like to ask Jojo?”
The brat fairly squirmed on the spot, but finally managed to squeak out “Umm….well, we’ve been thinking……as it’s your Birthday and as it is customary in these parts…..,” she paused before continuing, “We thought we would give you a Birthday Spanking.”
Suddenly the stage was lit up, and in the center of the stage under the spotlight was a spanking bench, painted in rainbow colours. Attached to each corner a balloon floated.
The brats had all stood, and behind their backs, they pulled out various implements and waved them in the air as though they were flags.
Then as one, they all chorused “Go on Ma’am, you know that no one, not even a Top can get out of a birthday spanking.”
Micah’s eyebrow rose a tad, and then she coughed, cleared her throat and said…….
Micah gulped as she realized the significance of what the brats had planned for her. Her mind immediately went into protest mode as she needed to keep her position of Top in place. After all, if the brats thought less of her, anarchy would rein free n the blog. The brats needed someone to keep them in line. Heck, they were wild enough even with Micah’s toppiness constantly on display.
But then she saw the amount of time and effort they had taken for her. She knew they were all wonderful ladies but this was beyond anything she would have ever expected. Her bottom began to tingle at that moment, a sure sign that her switchy side was switching. Maybe she should ease up a bit and let them have their fun. After all, they had been so wonderful when Micah had taken them to task. Maybe she should let them have their fun?
She thought long and hard…. and then a smile spread across her face.
“Thank you all for the wonderful birthday! I can’t believe you have done all this for me! Ummm…….where do you want me for the celebration?” She looked at Jojo as she had a sneaking suspicion that the small brit was one of the ring leaders.
Part 3
As soon as she said those words, the room erupted into wild cries and high-fiving. Micah closed her eyes, what exactly had she just agreed to? Would she be regretting it later? Only time would tell.
Jojo could hardly contain her excitement, she bobbed up on her toes, opened her mouth, closed it. It was only when Em and Ellie nudged her in the ribs that Jojo finally managed to speak.
“Would you…..er…,” and Jojo pointed across to the spanking bench and with some intricate attempt at sign language demonstrated that she was required to bend over it.
Without more ado, Micah walked up the three small steps to the stage and approached the spanking bench. Up close, she could tell that it was a really well-made piece of equipment, very sturdy. Her hand ran over the wooden frame, yup, she would make sure that the spanking bench became part of her arsenal. It would come in very handy, in fact, she might well be using it sooner than later.
She turned to face the brats and fixed them with a stare. The theatre quietened to a hush. “If I hear, one snicker, giggle, titter, chortle, a snort of laughter or any other sound of glee then we shall be trading places, …. And no Carrie we are not playing pass the parcel or guess the implement, capisce?” Carrie had sidled off towards the gaming table and was looking expectantly across at her.
The brats nodded their heads “Capisce.”
Micah turned around and faced the bench. Heck, it had been a long time since she’d been over a spanking bench and that familiar squirminess was beginning to take hold. She hadn’t felt that for some time.
“A$$ume the position,” Micah groaned, why did brats use innuendo all the time? She was sure there was a trace of an Irish lilt in those words. She made a mental note to have a little word with the owner of the lilt.
The spanking bench was surprisingly comfortable. Micah wiggled her bottom. At least she was wearing something which accentuated the curves of her cheeks, although maybe that wasn’t quite a good idea.
And then she waited…..
CJ picked up Micah’s brand spanking new paddle and approached the bench. Micah felt the paddle rub over her bottom and then rest.
“Just you remember CJ, that it’s your birthday in a few weeks time. You got that?”
“Yes Ma’am ……but we’re celebrating your birthday today,” and the paddle tapped against her bottom, once, twice and then SWAT!!
Micah puffed out her cheeks. Whoa, where had CJ learnt to swat like that? Years of experience obviously! Seven more swats descended on her upturned rear, followed by a cheer.
“Happy Birthday Ma’am,” and CJ handed the paddle to Claire.
Micah waited five seconds, what was Claire up to? She appeared to be taking her time, she craned her neck round. Why the heck was she writing notes.
“Claire,” she said sharply.
Claire looked up from her notepad “Oops, sorry Micah. I was just making notes for my next book. She placed the notebook down and took her place by Micah’s side. “I’m researching, my next book it’s going to be called From Top to Bottom the Secret Diary of a Switch.”
Micah raised her eyes to heaven. Next time she saw Claire, they would be having a discussion about her propensity for taking notes at ill opportune moments.
She waited for the first of the eight swats from the paddle.
Dammit, that thing sure did sting especially against the tight leather of her pants.
“Happy Birthday Ma’am,” said Claire and once again the theatre erupted into jubilant cheers. Claire handed the paddle to Carrie.
From two experts to a novice! Micah held her breath. Would Carrie even know what end of the paddle to hold, she was quite new to this after all? She made another mental note to offer tuition, although Carrie would be at the receiving end. Maybe she should play Guess the Implement. That would definitely broaden Carrie’s knowledge.
She heard Carrie clear her throat and say “Okay, Umm…..Here we go,” there was a slight nervousness in her voice.
The paddle slipped from Carrie’s hand and fell to the floor. So help me God. Micah prayed as she heard Carrie pick up the paddle.
Then eight lighter swats were applied to her upturned bottom.
“Happy Birthday Ma’am,” sang Carrie and the rest of the room burst into celebration. Carrie handed the paddle to Mishi.
Mishi Dreamer or the Phantom Menace, Micah could never make her mind up on this brat. Mishi stood by her side and ran the paddle lightly up and down her rear and started muttering to herself.
Oh FFS! Was Mishi talking in tongues! She really needed to stop writing all these fantasy stories they’d obviously addled her brain.
Micah made yet another mental note to have a little chat with Mishi at some stage in the future.
Micah let out a discrete cough put on her best Obi-Wan Kenobi voice “Oh Mishi, Hon, come back from the dark side.” That seemed to stir the brat for another eight swats landed slap right across both her cheeks.
“Happy Birthday Ma’am” and the brats raised a raucous yell. Mishi handed the paddle to Ellie.
The Italian Brat!
Oh, Dio! Thought Micah. Her day was going from bad to worse. How many more brats were lining up to smack her bottom and wish her a happy birthday?
“Hope you like your new paddle, Ma’am.” Ellie said politely “It’s made from genuine Italian leather, straight from the fashion houses in Milan.”
“It’s lovely, thanks, Ellie.” Acknowledged Micah, although she secretly thought it would be far lovelier applied to a naughty brat’s bottom than her own. She made another mental note. Ellie might well be the first brat to try out her birthday paddle.
The paddle tapped once more across her bottom. Micah made a note to self, never to wear her best tight leather pants when asked to a birthday party. Leather on leather was far too stingy for her liking.
SWAT!! “Trentatre,”
SWAT!! “Trenta Quattro,”
“Ellie if you expect me to count every swat in Italian, you’ve got another think coming,” Micah called up from her upturned position.
“Oops, Scusa Signora, Micah Ma’am,” stuttered the brat and applied the next six swats as quickly as possible.
“Happy Birthday Ma’am,” and everyone clapped. Ellie handed the paddle to Em.
Clip clop clip clop.
“Don’t you let Wee Donkey eat my birthday paddle,” shrieked Micah in panic. Paddles were precious and needed care and attention.
There seemed to be a bit of a tussle going on behind her.
“Gimme that, noooo don’t eat that, oh fecks sake Wee Donkey!”
“Em, if my paddle has so much as been munched on, you will find yourself acquainted with my blue lightening again,”
“It’s okay, I’ve got it, Okay Ma’am you ready?” and Em started to hum.
“Em, what are you singing?”
“A traditional Irish song Ma’am,”
“Rising of the moon,” Micah shook her head in disbelief, the innuendo was getting way out of control.
Em raised the paddle, and eight swift swats descended once more across her backside.
“Happy Birthday Ma’am,” The brats raised their glasses and toasted. Em handed the paddle to Jojo.
One word, two consonants.
Enough to spell out trouble!
Micah had a sneaking feeling that this brat was at the bottom of all this mischief. Jojo had obviously spent far too much time learning from the Bratboss. Micah made another mental note to have a quiet chat with Jojo about who she was spending her time with and another chat with CJ wouldn’t do any harm either.
The stage bounced underfoot as Jojo made her way across to the spanking bench.
“Okay, Ma’am if you can thank me after each swat and ask for another.” Said Jojo brightly and she patted Micah’s bottom with the paddle.
“Jojo, I’m telling you now, we are going to swap places in a minute if you don’t cool it. And it will be bare bottomed!” threatened Micah.
“Oops sorry Ma’am……ummmm…..did you want to go bare ? If so just lift up…”
“Jojo!” warned Micah
“Yes, okay, sorry, eight was it?”
Micah almost yelled out, as Jojo applied the last four swats with rapid fire.
“Happy Birthday Ma’am.” Glasses were clinked as the brats slurped on their beer.
Micah started to rise up
“Sorry Ma’am….just one more to go,” said Jojo and she tossed the paddle across to CJ. CJ deftly caught the paddle and winked at Jojo.
CJ then walked across to her dear friend. Raised the paddle and clapped it down for the last time on Micah’s bottom.
“AND ONE TO GROW ON,” yelled out all the brats accompanied with a 21 Gun Salute.
The End

Angel Claire added “I’m so loving this! So much, that I wrote this little ‘Ode to Micah.’”
Twas Micah’s Birthday, this fine Monday morn,
And all of the brat pack, in fine Monday form,
Planning and plotting for Micah’s big day,
They just couldn’t help, go a little astray
A good plan they had from the very beginning,
With laughter and drinking and plenty of singing.
But then the brats had an itch, to paddle a switch,
Now it Micah’s rear end that’s a-stinging!




8 thoughts on “Micah’s Birthday

  1. I am currently baking and roasting my Irish arse off in the Spanish heat. Jaysus its hot!! But I just had another giggle to myself reading this again. It will NEVER get old!
    Jojo you outdid yourself! 😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. So much fun lol

      I don’t think I will ever forget Micah’s Birthday Spanking,

      BTW Ellie, did you manage to take any photos….perhaps one bent over…….😆

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely agree with you there CJ. Micah’s birthday spanking does indeed need it’s own special post lol . If it wasn’t for her blog, none of this would ever have happened. 😁

      I wonder if she will let me write her another one. Hmmm 🤔

      *grabs laptop and opens up word doc*

      Ah yes, er, need a Title. Ah, got it!

      *starts to tap out on keyboard.*

      Micah’s Christmas Spa……

      Liked by 2 people

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