How are ya

Hey Everyone:

I thought I would give you all an update since it’s been a while.  I guess the biggest thing going on for me is Hurricane Florence.  The storm has headed my way so I’ve been getting ready for it for days.  I should be safe and sound, just a bunch of wind and rain that would make me lose power and have to chase anything I own that’s not tied down.

However, Tigger is pretty darned close to where the eye is to land.  She battened down the hatches and is with me now.  It’s great to hold her in my arms and know she is safe but, of course, we worry about the loss of property.  Will she go back to life as normal or will there be nothing to go back to?

I have to say, she’s pretty darned wonderful as she is remaining positive about everything while I was about to freak out this morning because I couldn’t find my coffee pot.

Anyway – a few updates for you.

  1.  Claire Britain’s book was sent to the publisher and is now making the few minor changes the publisher suggested.  That means we’re another step closer to reading the sequel to Reining in Riley.  It’s called ‘Riley’s Reckoning’ and it’s going to be a perfect read for a nice cozy autumn evening.
  2. CJ isn’t feeling so well.  She didn’t even giggle much during her Birthday spanking!  She isn’t in the hospital or anything but just constantly fighting a bug for a couple of months now.
  3. Hupo visited Tigger and I but left just a few days before Florence.  She’s as feisty as ever and my poor hand still hasn’t recovered from trying to keep her on a straight and narrow path.

By the way – Claire sent a special Birthday gift for CJ to me.  It’s a scary beast of a tawse that hurt when I whacked my jeanclad leg!  It’s very thick rubber attached to a wooden handle.  It may not sound so terrible but it’s thuddy as heck, while still limber enough to swing a little for more momentum.  OUCH!

Thank you Claire, as I have a feeling you have finally found something awful enough to keep CJ in line….at least while she is sick, anyway.


Happy spanking everyone




22 thoughts on “How are ya

  1. I’m hoping that everyone is keeping safe with the hurricane. Scary stuff, but then apparently my local news is over it now that’s its been downgraded — as they are focusing on the grand opening of the “hello kitty cafe”

    Another announcement though — the next anthology is still coming. We have been working on edits and still waiting for a couple of final stories. It looks like we’ll have a total of 12 this year, so there are some nice juicy stories coming soon! Ideally we’d like to have it out sometime in October.

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    1. Make sure you all stay safe. Hurricane Flo is doing a lot of damage. I do hope your home will still be standing Tigger. It must be awful, with not knowing and extremely worrying 🤗

      Awww CJ, I do hope you’re feeling better, and can kick this bug of yours in the butt! Must get you down at times.

      Hugs to all

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        1. Well you get yourself better, I can see you haven’t lost all your mischieviousness though. Oh, and a belated happy birthday. Perhaps when you’re better we can have a birthday party on the blog 🎂 and celebrate in real Brat style 🔥🔥🔥

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  2. I hope the hurricane doesn’t destroy any of your property, but the most important is your safety! Things can be replaced, people can’t. Take care of yourselves.
    I’m also really sorry that CJ haven’t been feeling well. 😦 Get well soon, CJ!

    As for the book… I’m so excited for the new Riley book! I’ve been waiting for this! 😀

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  3. Yay for Claire’s book and the anthology!

    I’m sorry about the trouble Florence is causing. How long does the alert last? Hope your property stands strong, Tigger!

    Also you, CJ. I’m sorry that you’re having to fight a nasty bug. Know that you have support from all around the world. You can beat it!

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  4. Hi there! I just wanted to stop by and say I hope all is well with you and Tigger because hurricanes are no joke. Last year I had to deal with Hurricane Harvey, so I know what you’re going through. I was lucky enough that the flood waters did not get inside our house (which it was very close to) but my dad lost his house due to the flooding. It’s been a year now and he is still in a rental home. I’m crossing my fingers that everything will be okay for you and especially Tigger. Homes can be replaced but people cannot. Stay safe, stay positive and don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.

    1. I can’t wait to read Claire’s next book. I’m really looking forward to it!
    2. I hope CJ gets well soon! It’s no fun being sick.
    3. Hopefully your hand is fully recovered soon! 😉

    Thanks for the updates and again, stay safe out there!


  5. I can tell you from experience that tawse is very memorable. I am happy to oblige Top Boss so she does not have to work so hard to get through to CJ😉 or as I call her IA (iron a$$)

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  6. I’m glad Tigger decided to get away from the hurricane! It looked horrible. And the others are right the most important thing is she is safe!

    *high five* to Claire! It’s about time woman! 😉 And how helpful of you to send a tawse to the woman who appears to have a permanent itch *shaking my head*

    Also, CJ please do unlike normal for yourself and take it easy brat boss! We have to have you at 100% to help cause mayhem!

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  7. Thanks for the update, Micah/Anna. I’ve been crossing my fingers for you all, and hope Tigger’s place comes through okay. Sending all kinds of healing thoughts to CJ as well. (Btw, that tawse sounds really scary! Yikes!)

    Good news on the Riley book, Claire. And good news on the next anthology too, Stardawn. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate this time. But let me know when they’re out and I will give a shout-out on my blog. As well as purchasing both books, of course! 😀

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  8. Sending hugs for strength and to keeping your spirits up all you who are suffering from the storm. Im thinking of you and hope you are all ok!! (Dont know if any of you have electricity or internet connection to read this…)
    Also thats very rough CJ, being ill for so long!🙁 I really wish for you to soon be better! I send you a wolf’s paw without lingonberries, it might help a little.🥃


  9. OMG I just ready it. A lot of hugs and fingers crossed for everything you have to deal with the hurricane don’t think about the house 🏡 and stuff people is most important stay safe… ♥️ And cj get better 🔜 soon… ♥️


      1. It was awful mountains of Athens burning when I was passing through. People trying with buckets to help and water hose running A complete nightmare. Family’s lost every thing and people children with it. I don’t have words to describe that fire 🔥 thing cost me the death of my 2 best friends dying in there Mati area. Thank you for thinking of us. I hope every one is alright safe and with the people they love… ♥️

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        1. Dear Anastasia im so very sorry for your losses of your friends! Its hard even to imagine the terror and pain and grief you have to endure. 😢 Please have a warm hug from me to both you and Alex and your little kids. I wish you all the possible strength and recovery now.

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  10. I’m so sorry for being late to respond. I lost access to internet, cell signal, and even my landline. Whew!

    First of all – it is SO WONDERFUL to hear from your, Anastasia. I was so worried about you. I’m sorry for your loss but so very happy that you are OK and you’re family is OK, too.

    As far as the hurricane, Tigger and I are fine. The storm wasn’t that bad by the time it got to my home. However, it was and still is, troubling where Tigger lives. Neither of us sustained much damage but roads are flooded (including parts of the huge highway that runs along the eastern seaboard). Tigger had a lot of trouble making her way back home because of all the closed roads. The hurricane dumped rain all the way into Tennessee mountains which has now moved downstream back to the coast and is causing worse flooding than when the hurricane was there. All in all, lives have been spared, thankfully, but a lot of lives are going to have a long time of being affected by the storm.
    I’m so glad Tigger wasn’t in the direct path of the storm.

    Here’s a little of my science background showing – The mountain range that’s about 300 miles away from the coast is an old one. It has had time to erode. So if you think of playing in the sand as a kid and you push some dirt into a mound. Pour water onto the mound and the water moves the sand out in all directions and the mound is no longer as tall as it once was. That’s what happened with that mountain range. And the earth from the mountains to the coast is a gradual lowering of elevation until the land at the coast is just inches or a foot or so, from being level with the ocean. That means all that water from the hurricane doesn’t run off very much at the coast and must simply be absorbed into the earth. This can take months in some places.

    Ok – science lesson over with. Hopefully, it was interesting to someone out there. I think it’s fascinating.

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  11. Hey All…thought I would leave you a note to let you know that even though it’s been 2 weeks this hurricane isn’t over. The area is still flooding and I’m still out of work. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go back in a few days. One of the things that I hate is that Micah and I can’t get to each other because of the flooding between us! I left her house to come back home because it looked like the danger was over.

    My house is fine, but its difficult to get around. I got lucky…very lucky! Not everyone’s house survived.

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