A Spanky Poll


Most of you know that Tigger and I were affected by the recent Hurricane.  We’re fine, but I need your help.  You see, Tigger finally got home after the terrible storm.  It had originally been likely to have the eye come onto land right where she lives.  It also was a storm loaded with water more than wind.  The problem of flooding was worsened because of the slow speed for the storm to move through the area.  So yea, even though Tigger was out of danger upon leaving the area, we still worried about her belongings.  Thank heaven for insurance.  Right?

But then I got a call from Tigger after she had been home a few days.  She begins our conversation with the joyful announcement, “I now have flood insurance. Well…..it will be a month before it takes effect.  But I will have it for next season.”

OMG!  She was SOOOoooo proud of herself for having decided to get the insurance.  But by the way – did I forget to mention that there is a lake just feet from her back door?

So now I need your help.   How should I show that I’m not sharing in her joy of the moment, not to mention her tardy timing.

  1.  Handcuff her and then spank her with 6 switches until they’re as worn out as her backside?
  2. Wield Blue Lightning ’til she is a redtailed tigger?
  3.  Spank her with a paddle named “Big Mama” until my little mama begs for mercy?
  4. Spank her with my hand while she reads aloud the story of Noah and the Ark?
  5. Give her a ‘get out of jail free’ pass?


I will have her in my power over the weekend.  So I would love to hear from you beforehand and we shall see how many of you drive buses vs. how many of you brats stick together.

Happy Spanking

Anna and Tigger


66 thoughts on “A Spanky Poll

  1. 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555😉

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  2. Tigger are you okay after that bus just ran right over you? 😂😏😉

    Well I’d vote for number three honestly! The first one sounds like torture because of the itching that would be there days after that switching. And two well blue lightening gives my bratty side a shiver of warning. 😉 And well… a hand spanking doesn’t sound like enough because I get the feeling there is more to the story. 🤔

    Any-who, good luck Tigger! May the brat gods be with you! ☘️

    Micah remember your lady isn’t used to the “dangers” of the waters near the east coast! 😉

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  3. 🤔You haven’t seen her for weeks. Keep your implements in the armoire and take Tigger out to her favourite restaurant. Maybe buy her a pair of Wellys 👢 to help with the next flood. 😜

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  4. I say a pass — unless she’s feeling guilty about not having insurance before. Honestly, she’d been lucky, but I’m glad that she’s taken measures now. I can only compare it to my household, where we finally decided to get earthquake insurance. We figure if the big one hits, orange face won’t give a rats ass about California (after all look how he treated the people that actually voted for him), but it’s a piece of mind thing too. I was just talking to my dad about it a few weeks ago, and he admitted that he just got it for his house too. So… better late than never, I say!

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  5. 5555555555!!!!

    I’m thinking that not being used to the dangers of flooding, then Tigger would be exempt from having to remember about that type of insurance.
    Now….there ARE others that spring to mind who probably could have advised her to have that in place and uhh well mustn’t have said anything to warn her of that danger…..so in that case maybe they should be spanked too???…😂

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    1. You talking about CJ? She actually mentioned it to her, albeit just a couple of days before the storm and it wouldn’t have kicked in yet. But I bet that’s why CJ voted for ONE.

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  6. I’m not familiar with “Blue Lightning” or “Big Mama.” So I vote #4 (or the implement most like your hand). Plus I like the idea of punishment while she’s reading a story. 😀

    Am REALLY glad to hear you both are safe and sound, though! That hurricane was horrible and the subsequent flooding even worse. 😦

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    1. Blue Lightning is my cane. It’s made out of delrin (a type of acrylic I think) and it’s infused with a blue color. Looks a lot like a one of those Star Wars Jedi sword things. It allow me to use a cane without the worry of it wrapping around her hip, etc. Caniac sells it in other colors too.
      As for the paddle, I made up the name. I would just use the dreaded thick one that she hates so much.

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  7. I’m with Claire on this one I think 55555555555555.
    I’m surprised you can get insurance anyway, living by a lake. If it flooded would they actually pay up? Would they not think it an Act of God?

    I think you should let this one go, unless of course Tiger likes the handcuffs……er are they fluffy ones? 😁

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    1. We were pretty impressed with the lake. It’s manmade and we found out why it was there when the hurricane came. THey have a system that drains most of the water out right before the hurricane. This gives the water from the hurricane a place to go. It’s sort of a buffer to keep the homes from being impacted by a flood. Pretty neat.


    2. They are a nice set of leather ones, compliments of a seminar at the convention I attended. I don’t think Tigger was very enthused about them. They came with a collar which a tried on. I might look right with it if a just added a few massive tattoos on my body and wore a bustier. But alas, I just looked stupid.


      1. Hey , CJ and Claire, did you take a pic of Micah wearing “said’ collar when you were at the convention? Maybe we could have a Poll and vote on what attire she should wear when spanking Tigger? 😁

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  8. Considering I’m the daughter of a re-insurer and have no home insurance to talk off, I’m calling out a sting if 5’s 😂😂

    That or you could stick the numbers in a hat and draw. (*Whispered*Tigger I suggest you replace them all with 5’s when she’s not looking….. 😇)


  9. I’ve never had insurance in my life…uhm…5?

    Although maybe she could have mentioned this detail sooner, but I’m sure she didn’t want you freaking out, Micah. She did it for your mental health, so you didn’t have to worry too much 😇


  10. Micah-

    Who was it that helped Tigger pick out her place? And who was it that has lived in the region her entire life? And who was it that has lived through multiple hurricanes in her time living in the region? And who was it that has the experience of arranging for insurance for her own home in the region? Now that person wouldn’t be the one who foolishly assumed that the bank wouldn’t give Tigger a mortgage unless had she flood insurance, would it? If anyone deserves a spanking, I think it’s THAT person, don’t you????

    And as Tigger’s lawyer, I think it’s a terrible idea to punish someone for belatedly doing the right thing because it’s a disincentive for them to belatedly do the right thing in the future out of concern that she’ll be punished in the future if you discover the prior bad, but now corrected conduct or failure to act.

    I vote 5, (and save one of those “get out of jail passes” for me to use during my next visit!)

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    1. Absolutely awesome Hupo!!!!!!…😀😀😂😄
      You are a hero. We will all know where to come when we need an argument….love it!!..😂😂😂


        1. I don’t need to encourage her! She has put up an AWESOME argument….and I believe she’s right in everything she said..😂😂😂


    2. LOL. If I didn’t know you so well, I would think TIgger has come onto the blog with your name to plead her case.
      IN the great words of Carleton of the show SouthPark, “You must respect my authority.”

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      1. I DO respect your authority! (Especially, when you are flexing Blue Lightening.).

        Here’s a thought. Stick with 5 for now but give Tigger a reasonable deadline to (1) arrange to make or purchase pre-cut plywood covers for her windows to use the next time there is a hurricane warning, and (2) have a plan in place to have the plywood boards installed when needed. If she doesn’t meet your reasonable deadline, then Tigger has to select from options 1 through 4, (with her lawyer— yes, moi—- making the call on whether or not your deadline was reasonable.). 🤔


        1. LOL
          You should have heard TIgger protesting your idea, Hupo. She doesn’t wanna have to actually DO anything! Maybe it should go ahead and do one of the options and then have her do YOUR idea with the penalty of ALL 4 of them if she doesn’t meet the deadline. That could provide lots of insentive.


          1. Tigger should trust her lawyer. I specifically noted that I would get to make the determination on what constitutes a reasonable amount of time— and I owe a fiduciary obligation to my client. 😁

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  11. 3 or 4. She only put her belongings in danger, not herself, so a switching seems a bit much. Love the Noah’s Arc story. Could also get behind a paddling for being irresposible. I’m a veryyy reasonable brat 🙂

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  12. I’m torn cause like why wouldn’t you get insurance if you live in an area prone to Certain destructive weather, but also I don’t bother with getting those insurances anyways. Who actually needs hail insurance?

    I’d say five, at least she has the insurance now right? Honest beginner’s mistake. Plus why didn’t someone more experienced help her out? Hypo makes a very convincing argument that I think you should consider.

    Also like Ash, I don’t know what blue lightening is either and Google was no help.


          1. Owwie, now you’ve given me two swats, is one never enough for you! 🤦‍♀️🙄 I’m sure you’d find something new to swing…

            On a side note, I’ve always wondered if Tops are prone to suffering from tennis elbow, what with all the swinging you do??😂 🤔


            1. It’s funny that you say that about tennis elbow. No, I don’t have it but I believe my spanking technique is a little different than most.
              I played lots of tennis in years gone by and had a pretty good backhand. Now, when Tigger, or another naughty brat, over the edge of the bed, I feel most comfortable using a backhand when swinging an implement. I have better control and can swing harder and know the implement will land where I aim.


              1. Why am I not even remotely surprised tennis was a sport of yours! If there’s not a poor bum in sight, wack a ball 😜

                If I remember correctly Tigger’s a nurse? I’m sure she will now keep tabs on your elbow health … Nurse or not! 😂👩‍⚕️


  13. Well, I’m sitting…but not very comfortably! I got a pretty good paddling this afternoon, both with her hand and a paddle. However, blue lightning and Big Mama did not make an appearance! Thank you to all who voted to keep my butt safe!
    Also, Hupo, we will be taking care of the plywood this week! Seeing if blue lightning floats in the lake is an excellent idea, by the way!

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