A New Game

I found a little game on Caneiac , and of course had to buy it.  It's a game of chance with a spanky twist.  There are three die (dice) to roll.  The first one tells you what implement will be used.  It ranges from your hand up to the cane.  The second dice says which … Continue reading A New Game


Howdy thar’ partners!

Wayward Angels has just posted the beginning of a serialized story called, "The Rodeo".  All three Angels are writing and I would like to see if you can guess which author is writing for which character.  Feel free to mosey over to Wayward Angels and read Part 1 that was just posted moments ago.  Then … Continue reading Howdy thar’ partners!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye….Another Anthology Awaits Writers

‘Second’ Call For Submissions Last summer we published an amazing anthology of Lesbian Spanking Fiction… and this year, we want to do it again! Yes, we are going for round two. And guess what? That is also our theme – Seconds. We are looking for stories from 4k-10k words that deal with the theme of … Continue reading Hear Ye, Hear Ye….Another Anthology Awaits Writers