A Spanky Poll

  Most of you know that Tigger and I were affected by the recent Hurricane.  We're fine, but I need your help.  You see, Tigger finally got home after the terrible storm.  It had originally been likely to have the eye come onto land right where she lives.  It also was a storm loaded with … Continue reading A Spanky Poll


How are ya

Hey Everyone: I thought I would give you all an update since it's been a while.  I guess the biggest thing going on for me is Hurricane Florence.  The storm has headed my way so I've been getting ready for it for days.  I should be safe and sound, just a bunch of wind and … Continue reading How are ya

Practiced but still not Perfect

Many of you young whippersnappers have gone from reading spanking stories to dipping your toes into a spanking relationship this year.  First of all, congratulations!  It's scary to hand over control to someone else even when it's a lovely person that you enjoy being with.  But I could bet that not everything has gone perfectly … Continue reading Practiced but still not Perfect